Fix Your Washing Machine Not Draining Water

If you are unable to use your washer because it does not drain water, you must find out the exact cause of the problem. At times, a simple problem such as a blocked pipe can cause the problem of a washing machine not draining water. So, try to identify the cause of the problem before you repair the machine or call an expert for washer & dryer repair service in Coral Springs, Florida.

Some common causes of this problem are:

a) Blockage in the machine

b) Pump is jammed

c) Electric fault

d) Pump failure

If the pump is working during the spin cycle but the water is not drained out, it could be due to blockages. If you hear a grinding noise during the spin cycle, it could be because something is tossed inside the impeller. It could also be because the pump has failed, but in most cases it is an obstruction in the impeller. To check for obstruction, drain out the water from the machine, check the pump filter, and remove any obstruction.

At times, a blockage in the drain hose can prevent the machine from draining out water after the spin cycle. To remove the blockage, you can unscrew the spigot that connects one end of the drain hose to the machine. After removing the hose from the machine, make sure you check the u-bend that connects the machine to the drain hose. If you are not able to repair washing machine drain hose make sure to contact a professional in Coral Springs FL. Make note of the brand of your appliance as some specialize in samsung washer hose connection while others can take care of other brands like Kenmore, whirlpool, General Electric and many more.

Next, you must check for blockages in the pump filter. Make sure you drain all the water from the machine before checking the filter. Also, make sure you put a bath towel to soak water that comes out from the machine when you remove the filter. To check for blockage, you must remove the filter. If the filter does not come out, you can check the manual that comes with the machine. It will usually have tips on how to remove pump filter. Once you remove the filter check for lint build-up or any other obstruction that prevents the machine from draining out water. If you notice coin, socks, or any other obstruction, remove it immediately.

If you don’t find any blockage, then you may be dealing with a bigger problem with your machine. In such situations, it is best to get help from an expert.

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