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Here’s What To Do If Your Oven Won’t Start

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Getting up in the morning to use your oven or using it to make dinner is something everyone does. This is why it can be stressful when it doesn’t start. So, what to do if your oven won’t start? There are a few things you can try.

Check these things when your oven not working:



How To Fix Oven Fuses

There are ovens that have internal fuses and if those fuses blow, then your oven won’t start. The good news is replacing a fuse is easy, and knowing whether or not you have a blown one is easy. An oven will usually have an indicator that tells you that a fuse has blown or something is wrong with it. Before you replace a fuse, make sure you inspect the oven because another issue might be the cause of the oven not starting. Do make sure you turn the oven’s power source off before replacing the fuse. After replacing it, turn the source back on and see if the oven starts. If oven doesn’t start, then check to make sure you replaced the right fuse.  

The Spark Electrode

kitchen oven applianceIf you have a gas oven, then the spark electrode might be the reason why your oven won’t start. This component is what ignites the gas in your oven, and if it is damaged, then it can become faulty. Only the tip has to be damaged or the casing in order to cause the oven not to start. Don’t panic if the spark electrode is the cause, as this is a quick and easy fix. All you have to do is buy a new spark electrode and replace the old one with it. This should fix the problem, but do compare a few electrodes before deciding which one to purchase. You want to choose a high quality electrode, otherwise you run the risk of it failing you in the near future.  

Oven Broiler Not Working

At the top of your oven is where you’ll find a broil element. This is the part that produces high heat for broiling. If this element has malfunctioned or isn’t working, then your oven won’t work properly, including not turning on. Take a look at the element to ensure it looks normal. If it has visible damage, then try replacing it to see if this fixes the issue. Make sure the appliance is disconnected from the power source before you replace the broil element. If you’re not sure how to replace it, then contact an appliance repair company and they’ll do it for you.  

Electric Oven Sensor Element

Modern electric ovens sometimes come equipped with a sensor. Check the sensor to see if something is wrong with it. If there is, replacing or repairing it should fix the issue. However, hire an expert to inspect the sensor if you’re not sure how to do it. If your oven won’t start, then make sure you try the above. If none of them work, then hire an appliance repair professional or you can purchase a brand new oven. Remember, not all problems with your oven can be fixed, which is why replacing it might be the only option you have.


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Stove Won’t Turn On

If your burner or stove won’t turn on, it can upset your daily routine and can be a source of huge frustration. When faced with the question “What do I do when my stove won’t turn on?” We have come up with a troubleshooting guide that will help you identify the problem with your machine. If these tips don’t help in getting answers for your question “Why my gas stove won’t turn on?” it is best to get help from a professional.

Here are some of the possible causes for stove not turning on:


Disconnected or Loose Plug
Circuit Breaker has Tripped
Burner Element is Disconnected
Faulty Burner
Knob is Broken
Internal Fuse of Machine is Blown

Stove Not Clicking Or Lighting – Disconnected or Loose Plug

If your stove top won’t turn on, it may be because the plug is disconnected or loose. Some of the reasons why the cord may disconnect abruptly include machine vibration, aging outlet, and change in temperature. To test the condition of the plug, move the stove carefully to allow access to the plug. Remove the plug from the socket and reconnect it firmly. If your plug wiggles out from the socket, it means the outlet must be replaced.

Circuit Breaker has Tripped

Your electric stove won’t turn on if the circuit breaker has tripped. Most houses are equipped with a circuit breaker that regulates the flow of electricity to the socket. If for some reason the circuit that your electric stove is connected to has tripped, you must reset it to start the machine. An electric stove that is malfunctioning is likely to trip the circuit breaker once again. Check your circuit breaker box or fuse and make sure the section that is connected to your electric stove is “On”. When you are unsure of its position, trip the circuit breaker and turn it back on once again.

How To Fix A Burner On Electric Stove – Disconnected

Regular use of the machine can disconnect the element from the machine’s terminal socket. If the element is loose, your electric stove top won’t turn on. To troubleshoot this problem, unplug the machine’s burner element and check for signs of damage or rust. If there are no signs of damage, fix the burner back into the socket. If the burner wiggles, it means the socket is damaged and must be replaced. You can replace a functional burner with the faulty burner to check the condition of the terminal socket. If the burner does not heat after you have you have
swapped it with a functional burner, it means that socket is damaged and it must be replaced.

Burner On Stove Won’t Turn On

When your stove doesn’t turn on, it could be due to a faulty or damaged burner. When the burner is faulty, it will eventually stop working and prevent the machine from heating. To check the condition of the burner, swap it with a working burner. Make sure the burner you swap is of the same size. If the problem is solved, it means the burner is faulty and it must be replaced. If the problem persists, it means that socket is damaged and it must be replaced. Before swapping the burner, check for signs of damage on the burner. For instance, if the burner is damaged, it will not heat properly or will not connect to the socket properly. Such burners must be replaced immediately.

How To Fix Broken Knob In Electric Stove

Another reason for electric stove not turning on is the broken knob. When the knob is broken, the stove does not get the signal that is supposed to start it. You should inspect the knob for signs of damage and replace it, if necessary. Some of the possible problems with the knob include being in a condition where it does not turn easy, it’s wobbly, or gets stuck.

To test the condition of
the knob, you must remove the knob and use pliers to activate the underlying
switch. You should replace the knob if this does not work. However, if the
inner wiring that connects the control panel to the knob is damaged, the
problem may be more extensive. In such situations, replacing the knob will not
help. You will have to get professional help to troubleshoot this problem.

Internal Fuse of Machine is Blown

Your electric stove burner won’t turn on if the internal fuse is blown. This fuse is separate from the circuit breaker you have in your home. Even if one fuse is blown, the machine will not turn on. To troubleshoot this problem, use the owner’s manual to locate the machine’s fuse box. Check the condition of each fuse and replace the fuse that is blown. If there is no problem with the fuse, inspect the wiring and make sure all the wires are connected properly to the fuse.

A Word of Caution

Before attempting to find answers for your question “Why my electric stove won’t turn on?” you must disconnect the power supply to the machine. Also, if the problem persists even after you have followed all the tips given in the article, it is best to get help from a qualified technician.

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How to Fix A Dishwasher That Doesn’t Dry

Having a dishwasher can make your life easier, especially if you have to clean hundreds of dirty dishes every day. Cleaning these dishes without the help of a machine can be a pain. When you use the dishwasher, you can clean all your dishes without getting your hands dirty. However, life can be frustrating if your dishwasher won’t run. When your dishwasher won’t work, you will have to clean your dishes manually, which can upset your daily routine. If you plan to replace a dishwasher that does not work, you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on replacement. If you live in Miami, you could contact a dishwasher repair Miami company to repair or service your appliance. Companies that offer dishwasher service repair in Miami, will send a trained technician to your place to troubleshoot the problem with your machine.

One of the problems you are likely to face with your machine, is heat dry not working on dishwasher. When your dishwasher doesn’t dry, you will have wet dishes that you may be unable to use. The problem of dishwasher not heating or drying properly is not isolated to one brand or company. If you check out review websites, you will find many people complaining about Bosch dishwasher drying issues, Whirlpool dishwasher gold series not drying, or Frigidaire dishwasher drying issues. If your Whirlpool dishwasher does not dry or you have a Bosch dishwasher not drying properly, you should get help from commercial dishwasher repair provider. Their technician will find out why dishwasher heated dry is not working and repair or replace the problem part. Some possible reasons why you are facing this problem include:

Heating Element

A problem with your washer’s heating element can cause the problem of dishes not drying. To check its condition, disconnect the power supply to the machine. Then check its continuity using the multi-meter. To check the terminals of the heating elements, you must remove the lower panel of the machine.

repair man fixing dishwasher


This is a safety device that prevents the machine from overheating. If the thermostat does not work properly, it will shut off the machine before the cycle is complete. This will prevent the machine from drying the dishes. You must remove the bottom of your washer to check the condition of thermostat.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

dishwasher being fixed

This is another part that can prevent your dishes from fully drying. When the rinse aid does not work properly, the dishes will not shed water and won’t dry the dishes properly. Also, make sure the dispenser is not empty, as it can affect the performance of your machine. If there is rinse aid in the dispenser, make sure the cap of the dispenser is fitted properly.

For more technical issues consult onsite appliance repair professionals for help.

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Fix Your Washing Machine Not Draining Water

If you are unable to use your washer because it does not drain water, you must find out the exact cause of the problem. At times, a simple problem such as a blocked pipe can cause the problem of a washing machine not draining water. So, try to identify the cause of the problem before you repair the machine or call an expert for washer & dryer repair service in Coral Springs, Florida.

Some common causes of this problem are:

a) Blockage in the machine

b) Pump is jammed

c) Electric fault

d) Pump failure

If the pump is working during the spin cycle but the water is not drained out, it could be due to blockages. If you hear a grinding noise during the spin cycle, it could be because something is tossed inside the impeller. It could also be because the pump has failed, but in most cases it is an obstruction in the impeller. To check for obstruction, drain out the water from the machine, check the pump filter, and remove any obstruction.

At times, a blockage in the drain hose can prevent the machine from draining out water after the spin cycle. To remove the blockage, you can unscrew the spigot that connects one end of the drain hose to the machine. After removing the hose from the machine, make sure you check the u-bend that connects the machine to the drain hose. If you are not able to repair washing machine drain hose make sure to contact a professional in Coral Springs FL. Make note of the brand of your appliance as some specialize in samsung washer hose connection while others can take care of other brands like Kenmore, whirlpool, General Electric and many more.

Next, you must check for blockages in the pump filter. Make sure you drain all the water from the machine before checking the filter. Also, make sure you put a bath towel to soak water that comes out from the machine when you remove the filter. To check for blockage, you must remove the filter. If the filter does not come out, you can check the manual that comes with the machine. It will usually have tips on how to remove pump filter. Once you remove the filter check for lint build-up or any other obstruction that prevents the machine from draining out water. If you notice coin, socks, or any other obstruction, remove it immediately.

If you don’t find any blockage, then you may be dealing with a bigger problem with your machine. In such situations, it is best to get help from an expert.

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What To Check And Fix If Refrigerator Won’t Turn On

Having a refrigerator not turning on can be a horrifying experience for homeowners in Coral Springs, Florida. When you have a refrigerator not starting, there is a high risk of food items getting contaminated inside the refrigerator. If your refrigerator does not start, you must check for possible problem with the power supply. At times, a small problem with the plug or the switch can prevent the machine from starting. If there is no problem with the power supply, then you must check the parts that could be responsible for the problem. Some parts you should check include:

Overload Relay If Refrigerator Compressor Tries To Start But Wont

Your whirlpool refrigerator won’t turn on if the fan of your machine is running but the compressor does not start. It’s a common problem with different brands including frigidaire refrigerator compressor not running. It could because of a problem in the overload relay. The relay is the protection device used by the machine to start the winding in the machine circuit until the compressor of your refrigerator is at running speed.

The overload rely is usually a combined part that plugs onto the side of the compressor. You can check the continuity of the overload rely using the multi-meter. Most overload relays come with a capacitor that provides a high start voltage required by compressor winding. If there is a problem with the capacitor, the machine will not start. If you notice any signs of arcing or overheating on the relay or capacitor, replace the part immediately.

Defective Cold Control – Get Refrigerator Repair Service Coral Springs, FL

It is a temperature controlled switch which supplies power to the fan circuit and the compressor, so if not working refrigerator does not turn on. If the machine does not start and the fans are not running, it means that the cold control may be defective. The refrigerator won’t start if that part has problems preventing it from functioning. The cold control is attached to the temperature adjustment knob, which is located in the fresh food section of the machine. To fix the problem if a refrigerator will not turn on, you can check the continuity of the cold control using a multi-meter. Before checking the continuity, make sure you disconnect the power supply to the machine. If you did a search for the term my refrigerator is not turning on, you will also get advice to remove the cold control from the house and disconnect the wires that are attached to the terminals. You must check the continuity between the terminals using a multi-meter. If there is no continuity, you must replace the control.

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Appliance Repair Service Coral Springs FL

Home appliances are an important part of our life because they help us in completing our daily chores. They not only make our life comfortable but also help in reducing our workload. When our home appliances stop working, they can cause a lot of hardship. For instance, if our oven or stove breaks down, it could be impossible for you to cook in the kitchen. Repairing the broken appliance without Coral Springs appliance repair professional help can be dangerous. It is best that you leave the difficult work of repairing the appliance to professional appliance repair technicians. Here are some important reasons why you should get help from an appliance repair service expert.

Save Money with Appliance Repair Services

Getting your appliance repaired is more cost effective than buying a new machine. The appliance repair near me experts will usually repair the appliance during their first visit, which will save you additional repair costs that you would otherwise when you try to fix it yourself and make mistakes in the process.

Professional Coral Springs Appliance Repair Company Ensures Safety

Most home appliances are designed to perform heavy-duty tasks and require electricity or any other energy source to work. Handling high voltage electric appliances can be dangerous. Also, trying to fix can appliance without any training and knowledge can be a serious health hazard. On the other hand, when you hire professional appliance repair contractors near me, they will ensure that your machine is fixed without ignoring your safety and the safety of your family members.

Excellent Service For Appliance Repair Near Me Open Today

When you hire a reputed appliance repair professional, it will give you peace of mind because they are trained to complete their work without causing any discomfort. They have the required tools and skills to troubleshoot the problem with your appliance. The expert will visit your place, identify the problem, fix it, and will also offer expert advice on the proper use of your home appliance.

Time Saving Mobile Appliance Repair Near Me

Fixing a broken appliance is a time consuming and a cumbersome process. It can take you several hours to repair the appliance. Also, there is a risk of causing further damage to the appliance. When you hire a professional, it will ensure that your appliance is fixed in the shortest possible time. This will reduce the inconvenience caused by the broken appliance.

Service Warranty For Appliance Repairs In My Area

An appliance repair service company in most cases will offer service warranty for a specified period. So, next time when the expert leaves your house after completing repairs you don’t have to worry because they will come back and give free service if there is any problem with your appliance.

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How Important is Maintaining the Refrigerator Temperature?

In a recent study conducted by Enigma Project, it was found that a third of chefs who had participated in the study, used meat that was either spoiled or no longer fresh.

One of the main reasons for meat getting spoiled is refrigerator temperature too warm, particularly when you keep in the hot working area of the kitchen. The ideal temperature for refrigerator must be between 3°C and 5°C. At this temperature, the bacterial growth is minimal and the quality of food inside the refrigerator is maintained. If the freezer and fridge temperatures are too low, it can cause freezing, which can lead to spoilage of food kept in the refrigerator.

If the fridge is too warm, i.e. the temperature is greater than 5°C, the fridge is considered to be in the danger zone. This is because when the temperature is more than 5°C, it promotes the growth of harmful bacterium in food products. This can lead to problems such as salmonella, E. coli, and wisteria.

The ideal freezer temperature is -18°C. When you freeze foods such as seafood and meat in ideal temperature, it will stop bacteria formation. This allows you store the food in the freezer for more than a year. If the freezer is too warm, it can spoil the food you keep in the freezer. Also, freezing the food in a temperature lower than -18°C, can cause the food to lose its flavor and texture.

When freezer or refrigerator is too warm, it can lead to wastage of food. Studies have shown that households and commercial establishments throw away millions of tonnes of food every year because the refrigerator temperature is not set correctly.

Side by Side RefrigeratorMaintaining correct temperature inside the freezer and the refrigerator is essential for safe storage of foods. To check the temperature inside the machine, you can use a Fridge and Freezer thermometer. Using traditional thermometer may not help as it measures only air temperature. Fridge thermometers are designed to react slowly to change in temperature, just like the food you keep inside your machine.

If your fridge is too warm or unable to maintain correct temperature, you must get help from a commercial fridge repairs company. You can search for commercial freezer repair service near me on any search engine to get details of good service providers in your area. You can also use the search engines to get details of mobile fridge repair companies. Once you get a list of companies that fix refrigerators, you can call a few refrigerator repair companies and explain your problem.

Alternatively, if you plan to repair the machine yourself without getting help from companies that repair fridges, you must know the parts that can be responsible for the problem. The parts that affect the temperature inside the machine include temperature controller, evaporator fan motor, electronic control board, and the temperature sensor. The control board uses the information on the sensor to operate the compressor and the refrigerator damper. When there is a problem with the board or sensor, the refrigerator air damper gets incorrect signal which affects the refrigerator normal run time. This causes a warmer than normal temperature inside the machine.

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